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Resident World™ @work is the fastest and easiest way to connect quickly and efficiently. 

From connecting property managers to office managers for critical situations or employees to local businesses for lunch orders, Resident World @work offers streamlined communication throughout the hectic work day.

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For employees

Resident World @work brings exclusive deals and emergency notifications right to your phone.

  • Get discounts for local favorites
  • Place online food orders
  • Find a convenient place for car care
  • Get critical alerts or emergency notifications

A simple living solution for your hectic lifestyle.

For office managers

Resident World @work is an easy way to coordinate with your co-workers and the surrounding office community.

  • Easily order office lunches
  • Notify co-workers of events and organize team outings
  • Submit maintenance requests efficiently and conveniently

Take the daily hassle out of your daily duties.

For owners

Resident World is the only app to increase your net operating income with a new revenue stream while providing you free communication tools to reach your tenants and their employees when the unimaginable happens. 

  • Send out emergency notifications
  • React quickly and communicate efficiently
  • Filter communications to intended recipients

No more disjointed communication when it matters most.

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